Help with public speakingHow to stand and deliver!

So many highly successful professionals worry about how to handle an audience in public. They are masters of their brief, know what points they want to get across – yet agonise about how to conquer their nerves, stand up and deliver their telling points while inspiring with their message. Pat will give private tuition, homing in on the key bullet points, finding some humour in the situation and advising on the right way to wrap up the speech.

He will, if necessary, write the speech and advise on the best vocal technique, with the odd, harmless joke thrown in. Preferably self-deprecatory ones – audiences like successful folk who will happily laugh at themselves.

And – if all else fails – Pat will invite himself along as a guest and end up interviewing the tongue-tied speaker, with the Q and A format perhaps the most relaxed, informative way to get the message across. The message is always the key factor, rather than the medium used.

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